Saturday, 25 July 2009


Harry Patch passed away today aged 111. Oh my, One hundred and eleven years old. When I told Charlotte her eyes grew so large and she just looked at me as if to say "what! that old". Last week we lost Henry Allingham. Both of these guys were Old Soldiers from the Great War. That is the War that my grandfather lost his life in.

My Granddad, Charles, lost his life on the 16th May 1915 in France, a matter of 6 weeks before his last child was born, my Dad. My Dad was the 7th son (ho hum) and there was an older sister. I never knew my Granddad - or my Grandma come to that. I honestly felt that I was a deprived child as I never had that (+ 1) generation to go to when I heard all my contemparies at school saying how they had weekends and holidays with the grandparents....Never mind, I think that I am a well adjusted person in spite of... Dad wasn't too close to his siblings - probably to do with the age difference and the fact that he buggered off to serve King and country as soon as he was able. A lot to do with the stepfather - but then that is another story.

I do so miss my Dad, he was a fount of wisdom. Sometimes a bit cranky (especially when he got older) but he knew so very much, especially when it came to plants. I just have to search back into my memory to find what he told me. A truly loveable man. xxx

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