Friday, 31 July 2009

Friday last day of July 2009

Again, it has been a sunny day, and a quiet day.

I have achieved so much, no interruptions from any sources.

My clients, English, staying for two nights are really nice. They are a family of four heading to the south of France - but - they decided to do Puy du Fou for the day and cinecine for the night. Mrs saw it advertised in the UK and thought "that would be nice for the family" so they came here for two nights - a nice little earner I must say. And, as a bonus, they come from the same part of the UK as we do!! Small world.. I just hope that they tell their friends all about P du F and us :-)

Also have a French party over the weekend - 4 in the new self catering suite and a couple for one night - a wedding... Looks as though they are going to have a good weekend. The weather promises to be so very good for them all...

I still would love to quit this though. I do so like to meet new people but I do not like the waiting around for them and the work afterwards.... Oh well.

K and family are happily settled with daughter no. 1 in the UK. Daughter no. 1 thinks that little Georges is just like her firstborn Alex.. I must admit that there are striking similarities. Poor little chaps are going to look just like their maternal grand-dad when they get older then!!

Thought I would upload Mont st Michel this time.... will scan in and put on some drawings next...

Ho hum - time for bed; night-night!

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