Wednesday, 29 July 2009


My dear youngest daughter and her two children have taken an aeroplane today and flown to the UK. It will be the first time since the end of August 2006 that they have been there. It will be the first time for little Georges, he will be meeting his great-grandmothers and two of his cousins as well as other relatives - peut etre.

Today has been very quiet for me... in a way. I have been able to turn up the radio to the volume that suits me when I am doing the housework. Back to normal for 3 weeks. BLISS!!!!

I do love my children and grandchildren but there are times when one needs time and space for oneself to do what one wants.... and I am doing that - as well as sorting the veg harvesting and freezing.

I am trying something new. There has been a lack of sloes in the hedgerow over the past couple of years but this year we have some wild plums... I have some 'alcool pour fruits' that I bought about 4 yrs ago sitting in the pantry so I had a little thought... why not try 'sloe gin' with alternative ingredients... So far it smells so goooooood... Leave it in the bocal until xmas and then bottle and try (as hard as I can!) to leave it for a couple of years before drinking..... Oh! maybe 6 months or so.

We do have some eau de vie but that is a bit potent, although with the (handwritten) recipes gleaned from my dear sweet French neighbour I am sure we can come up with some alternatives. Oh for a decent apero...

Business is good at the moment, just enough to keep me ticking over. Not too much that I can't cope. Am still thinking of down-sizing, he is hearing me and listening.

Am looking to taking a few days break in Pornic later on - early Oct. We went there around 15 years ago for a few hours. Had a holiday at La Baule (very expensive!) and took a trip south over the bridge at St. Nazaire and ended up at Pornic. What a delightful place!! Our neighbour goes there when the tide is really low and harvests moules!! It will be nice to go there and explore more - there is so much to see only a couple of hours drive away.... Will probably book in the next week.

Strangely enough I have not had any sign of a headache today.... hmmmmm I wonder why...

Incidentally - I am adding some of my pictures..... (yachts 2009 - for the Boat Room)

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