Monday, 20 July 2009

40th anniversary of Moon Landing

I was 22 yrs old when man landed on the moon. But did he? I have wondered ever since that day. I remember watching on the television in black and white, mum and dad did not have colour tv then so it was all shades of grey..

I am not a scientific person, but that event did not look quite right to me. I remember seeing the landing and the men leaving the 'space craft' - moving on the 'moon' - 'erecting the stars and stripes' - etc.. it all looked a little bit 'staged'.

What I would like to know is - why haven't they gone there again? If it was so easy in 1969, when technology was not so advanced as now, why haven't they been back there and set up a 'colony' or whatever.. It seems strange to me that they haven't. I know that there are lots of 'theorists' out there and it appears that their questions are not fully answered. Was this the worlds greatest hoax?? Maybe we will find out in the future....

Back to my hundrum life...

I am getting clients for weekends which is good, generally bookings are over 3 days so I have 4 days to get myself organised for the following weekend. If it continues like this then I can cope. I am being more circumspect about who I take. It is working for the moment, at least I will be able to pay my taxes this year!!

I find that I get very tired, I am not a morning person, never have been, and having to do breakfasts early really does affect me. I get so very weary. I know that I am a direct descendent of laundresses but even that doesn't really mean that I should enjoy the washing and ironing of bed linen.... oh to be retired and enjoying my life instead of working.... blah!

Kathy and children return to the UK for 3 weeks from end of July. Bliss! No more young female shrieking around - I did not know that one child could make so much noise. I am sure that my three girls were a lot quieter. I suppose it is because Charlotte was a singleton for such a long time.. maybe she just needs to let of steam when not at school. I don't know. It will be deathly quiet here whilst they are away and I know that I will miss them but - it will be so peaceful and Jeff and I will be able to have (grown up) people around without having to consider children.... 1st time in three years..... Oh joy!!!

Dear sweet Georges is now making more 'words' - his favourite when seeing someone is 'Hiya', he also knows flower, cat, shar (Charlotte), Dada, Mama, grandad, more, and occasionally he will say a proper word just the once. He is learning very quickly. He is a beautiful boy.

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