Saturday, 20 June 2009


Today was the World Tricycle Championship. It was held in France this time, it alternates between Belgium and France. The course runs out of St Marsault for 25 k. The winner this year was a young English guy (don't know his name yet!) and he did it in 35 min. Not bad for a course that was uphill and downhill through narrow French country roads and lanes.

Apartment was finished in time for this weekend as it was booked!
At least the first' lessees' were English and gave me some pointers as to what will be needed. The nice thing was that they said it was a good idea to have an apartment and that they will be vying for the occupancy next time in 2011.... Kathy did most of the work in the 'living' room and I contributed to the walls and art work.

I had the priviledge of looking after three of the riders with their spouses and that included last years Belgian winner with his wife and young son (Ward 4 yrs old). They are a lovely crowd who really enjoy the pleasures of riding on trikes as opposed to ordinary cycles. Maybe I will invest in one as I hate the idea of falling off two wheels, I will feel safer on three (or maybe 4).

This week we lost one Wwoofer and gained two. Amanda left us on Monday to further her adventures near Pons and Karen and Grace joined us on Tuesday. What lovely girls, they are Chinese from Australia and today - as a treat - cooked us a fantastic chinese meal. Kathy helped them and gave her some inside knowledge of what and how. Looking forward to trying it again later on.

The veg plot is brilliant at the moment. Loads of lovely spuds and peas. The best the peas have been yet. We have 3 varieties of potatoes - they are all delicious. Sertima, Charlottes and also Pink Fir Apple from the UK. The beans seem a bit tardy this year for some reason, still, win some and lose some. Looks as though the Tomatoes will be good though after two bad years for them.

The tree fruit is really good and we have a lot of Bramleys for later. We had some very high winds which took out the small fruits - natural thinning - so giving the rest a chance to develop well. We also have loads of quince this year, not sure what I will be doing with them later on.

Dominic cut the meadow for us and has managed to get 7 bales of hay out of it for himself. There were a lot of thistles in one area so we will have to clear that lot ourselves. Not too much of a problem though.

Have been looking at what sort of price we could get for our pile.. Am seriously considering down-sizing, got to persuade the man to agree though. I don't want to continue running this and want to have a quieter life and fewer worries and maybe get a bit of 'us' time which we are seriously lacking.


  1. Here, I've just caught up with your Woofers' blog and saw the great pics of everyone but you! Just where were you hiding, may I ask?

  2. Where did you find the wwoofers blog?