Thursday, 6 August 2009


My first entry for the month of August.

It is quiet in my house, I am preserving..... So far have made some Courgette chutney and some Beetroot Chutney... Both look very nice - am only doing it because we have a 'glut' of both vegetables. Was supposed to get a recipe for beetroot curry from Siggi.. didn't materialise - will have to email her to get a copy... Might be worth trying.

The plum tomatoes are looking brilliant at the moment. I think I will excel myself this year and bottle more than the 40 litre I did in 2006.... 2007 and 08 we had the dreaded blight and I had to buy tinned tomatoes - quelle horreur!!

We have a new Wwoofer with us. She arrived yesterday after spending a couple of weeks with Siggi. A very tall (6'1") young 19 year old German girl, but she is delightful and is so willing to learn. I had her chopping onions this morning for the beetroot chutney. I don't think she has chopped onions before!! She will be learning how to bottle tomatoes in the next couple of weeks!!
I then have a couple of English ladies coming to stay and help as well.. I need them this time of year purely for all the harvesting and preserving.....

Haven't heard from K for a few days. I think she is OK with everything. She has an itinerary planned out and is at the moment with her partners aunt and uncle. She is back in Kent at the weekend with her sister (who will be climbing Ben Nevis on Sunday - scary for her mum!).

Will be interesting to see how she got on with one and all after her return to la Belle France.

We have a Golden Oriole nearby. I have eventually confirmed that the call I have been hearing on and off for the past 7 years is the wonderful, beautifully coloured and elusive Golden Oriole. I have usually heard it in the spring but to hear it within the last week is unusual. Would just love to see it though. We have also had an Egret hanging around by the river. No Hoopooes this year to date - but there is still time!!

Peu Peu has hatched, and is about ready to kick out, two young Maran cockerels. There are definite spurs on their legs already and they are only 6 wks old. Their pa, Bernard, is for the pot and we will keep one of the youngsters (maybe) to continue his legacy. He is such a beautiful bird but an agressive one... I don't think he has enough ladies to occupy his time!!

Am thinking of taking a few days at Pornic with my man. It is 15 years since we have been there and we found it a delightful place on that visit. I have found a nice B&B to stay in. Just got to convince J that it is worth going.... Still wan't to cross the Atlantic though.....

Have got a new digital camera, from the local supermarket. It is a top of the range on special offer and with my loyalty bonus it only cost 25 euro... Not bad at all. Am taking it all places with me - I have so missed the opportunity to take some good pics of places since my last one bit the dust.

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