Tuesday, 22 December 2009


This is the boy today, he is such a lovely chap. J took him for a long walk this morning. I took him for another just before lunch and then again for a long one late afternoon. He has so much energy and is really keeping us fit. And he still had heaps of energy to play with the cat.
He is in desperate need of a bath.... he really smells 'doggy' which is a bit much on the nose as far as I am concerned. I had quite forgotten how dogs can smell... A nice shower for him tomorrow morning then a blow dry... what fun!!!
J went to see the Doc this afternoon for more medication. He was prescribed some tablets for his lungs and it turns out we have a stack in the medicine cupboard... so who hadn't taken the full prescription last time then???? Drives me up the wall it does. So now I will have to make sure that he takes all his medication this time. (hmmm, do I have to buy a nurses outfit??) He has admitted that he does not want to be ill over the Christmas and New Year period. Thank heavens that he now realises (I think I have said that before). He has also said that he will start to work on getting bits sorted in the house prior to it being sold. Oh goody!!!
Had a chat with my older sister the other day... she has had some bad news, her partner has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He is 6 months younger than me. The cancer was discovered quite by accident. He had a heart attack a couple of years ago and has since had 6 month check-ups. On his last check-up they did a blood test and through that discovered that there was a problem. Further examination revealed that there was cancer. He has since had the offending part dealt with and is now due to go and have a MRI scan to check his bones etc..... I do so hope that he is OK. He may also have to have chemotherapy, which isn't the most brilliant of options. My sister, who has a medical background, knows who to see and what strings to pull. She also had a scare... Oh, not just one thing but another. She had a mammogram and there was a suspicious lump. A biopsy was taken and all is clear. She could not believe that the both happened within two weeks. I really must speak with her more often, I am very lapse.

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  1. What bad luck for your sister and brother in law...and so close together as well...don't beat yourself up, you keep in touch with your family regularly.
    Glad Jensen is keeping you both fit...he's probably better for J than the pills and potions!