Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Had the guy that looks after my website to visit today. Have agreed on all the updates that need to be done. Will email, and post all the details to him later on.

Have finished writing all the importand Christmas cards.... family and close friends. It is so difficult. Some of them have email addresses and some are still living in the 'dark' ages...

Dan, Dan the website man is quite willing to take young Jensen on if need be. He fell in love hook line and sinker with the pup. Good for us I say, someone reliable who knows about the canine species.

Have had a brief chat with my dear husband ce soir about relocation.... have looked at the map of the Poitou Charentes to find a suitable area to start looking - easy reach of the coast is premier.. Saujon looks a possibility but then...... who knows??

Have shown him (J) a house I really think may be possible in Mirambeau, half way between Royan and Bordeaux. We stayed there some 10 years ago when we had a family holiday. No 1. grandchild was just 16 months old and No. 1 daughter was pregnant with her 1st child... It was a lovely holiday, 8 adults staying in a large gite within a farm that produced wine, and assorted crops. There were sunflowers growing around us, amazing to watch them following the sun. It was also the first time that we encountered Hoopooe's - incredible. The town of Mirambeau has everything that we need (thank heavens for the interernet - you can find out so much!!) and I personally feel that it would be right for us; Compact with everything we need. So, come new year, off we go to investigate. (+ putting this pile on the market - oooo er!).

Can't go any further south as I react badly to trees of a resinous nature. Had a camping holiday at Soustons some 5 years ago in May and had to cut it short as I had such a bad reaction (seasonal rhinitis) when there. The receptionist at the site we stayed at said it was just as well that we were not there 2 weeks before as the pines were in full 'pollen'..... So - south of Bordeaux would not be good for me. Looks like deciduous trees for me in the future. We cut down 3 pine trees here, not good for me. No Christmas pines in this house (had problems when I was a youngster too!) Am really looking forward to house hunting in the new year!!

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  1. Start looking now..your place is so good that once on the market it might go much faster than you think.