Sunday, 14 June 2009

Another glorious sunny day

Sunday and the day starts off with this wonderful cool cloud and mist. We know - having a few years experience of living here - that the day will pan out to be something comfortable - growing into a warm and sunny evening.

Yes we were right. W decided yesterday that it would be good to have a barbeque today. We had salad and some meat in the freezer so it would be an impromptu bbq, and yes it did work.. By 7pm the weather was well settled. Salad was prepared, meat was seasoned, taters cooked (Jeff loves his potatoes!) beetroot was dug, cooked and diced, seasoned with balsamic vinegar. Lettuce was pulled, washed and shredded into a bowl with tomato, cucumber and sweetcorn. All in all it was a nice meal, with some delicious local wine (courtesy of Ken). Yes, a good time was had by all. Georges chewed on pork ribs (good for his teething!!). Charlotte enjoyed her food (sans alcohol) and we adults ate, chatted and enjoyed the ambiance of it all. Amanda leaves us tomorrow for pastures anew and other Wwoofers arrive on Tuesday.

Apartment is now finished..... goody, we have the first 'clients' arriving this week. Hope that they find it OK. I am sure we will get feedback if there is anything missing!!

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