Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Wind and rain and thunder and lightning

Yes the rainy season is here, again, as you saw from my previous entry. It is raining and then the sun shines, the paths dry, then it rains again. Everything is so clean and green, the peas are swelling in their pods, the tree fruit is growing, the beans are stretching their necks to the sky the potatoes are developing underground AND THE WEEDS ARE GROWING AS WELL!!!

It is nice though to see my newly planted and moved shrubs surviving. I did wonder whether they would struggle under drought conditions after putting them in.

Interesting results in the local and european elections and still the current government haven't quite got the message that Gordon has to go, maybe it will sink in soon. What a surprise though for the BNP, maybe they will make the rest of the politicians think harder about their policies. I am not really a political person but must admit that I find it interesting how things are panning out. It is a shame that people out there are tarring the BNP as fascist when all they want is to keep Britain (England?) British (English) or have I got the wrong end of the stick. I have not read their manifesto but did read the manifesto of the English Democratic party and to me they seem to have the same ideas as the BNP.

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