Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Written on Sunday - Posted today - a rant and rage!!

Today am on a run with my family history, found lots more info on other relatives and what happens? We have a windy day and the internet keeps kicking out. It really pisses me off as I lose web pages and the stuff I am trying to update doesn’t. So what can be done about it? I don’t know – I really hate it when the wind gets so fierce. I bet it is not blowing like this in the village. Could really do with a wind speed meter just to let the France meteo know that winds can exceed 50km per hour here when they are less in the village. So much for not getting insurance paid on the lost barn roof…. Really pisses me off – it is one of the reasons I want to move, the wind that is. And we are not that high up – we are not on the top of a hill but on the edge of a valley. Yes, the wind sweeps across from the Atlantic via the Vendee and then hits us. It skims over the tops of the trees, and takes out our internet and interferes with the phone lines and my blood pressure.

Oh for electricity and phone lines that go underground. No use thinking about having internet via satellite, the wind even interferes with that so we lose the television…. Blah!

I have written this at 1pm on Sunday, 7th June 2009, when it is really windy….

And here we are at 20.18 and still no bloody internet… It has been farting around all day and I am REALLY ANGRY!!!!!!!!!! Want to throw the box on the floor and stamp on it and scream and tear my hair out in a rage and go purple in the face and then cough a lot ‘cos I have this rotten throat as an after effect of the dreaded ‘rhume de foin’.

It is Sunday, a day or rest and a day where I like to do more FH research - and can I? No I cannot (effing not!). The bloody box goes off – and - on - and - off - and - on - etc….. I can’t get into my email box – ‘cos – the – nets – not - on – I want to go in offline but it - won’t – let - me I want to check what to do with the box but I can-not get the information. I am so bloody pissed off with it. Had the same problems with France telecom and their box. Maybe it is the phone lines - I don’t know. What I do know is that it is now beyond a bloody joke.

Oh good God, how many times have I used the ‘p’ word I could have used the ‘f’ word instead, maybe it is me being polite!!

I think I will have to get France telecom out to check the line. Trouble is it will cost money just for them to say ‘c’est bon – pas de probleme’.

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  1. You have all my sympathy. Why they can't put their damn lines underground is beyond me.