Wednesday, 3 June 2009

3 days later

So here we are at the beginning of June 2009. Again it is a fantastic sunny day. The temperatures are in the high 80's... oh too much for me.....

Amanda is helping J in the garden, bless her she is such a hard worker. So much of the 'little' stuff is being done. Things like shredding branches etc... God bless Wwoofers!!

Went to see Siggi and Don this afternoon. It is so good to see Siggi with colour in her face. Last time I saw her she was so wan and drawn. Don - bless him - still has a superb sense of humour in spite of the caring he is having to do. I am so glad I saw the both of them.

Spoke also about down sizing, I think J is beginning to understand my way of thinking. I had input from others, and not before time too....

Maybe it will happen in the near future, as long it is not too long. A couple we know have put their 'pile' up on the market for 750,000 euros, we reckon around 400,00 for ours by comparison. We will be able to get a small easy to run place with lesser bills.. That is what I want - to enjoy our retirement and not worry about paying bills.... I think J has got the message - just got to wait for him to say something!!!!!!!!!!!!!! peut etre!

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