Wednesday, 7 January 2009

When was my last posting I can't remember. We have had very cold weather here over the last few days. I read about the 'big freeze' in the UK where it has disrupted every part of everyday life. Par for the course over there. They knew it was coming and still everything stopped. Makes me wonder - when I was a child (many years ago) we managed to get about without any problems. Nowadays schools shut and transport stops running. Hopeless. The more I read about the UK the more I am that I left. The recession as well as the weather is bringing the country to a halt. Major retail stores closing and also so many other companies failing.

As for me...... well I have been on a downer for the last few days. Don't like the cold weather. Strange to see the river freezing over. Can't get veg out of the garden as the ground is frozen solid and I do not like to buy from the supermarkets if I can help it. My tumble dryer won't dry and my steam iron (brilliant when working!!) isn't working either. I got really upset as it spoiled my plans - infantile I know but I was in floods of tears for hours. I just wanted the day to end and to hide away until spring... Life has to go on though. Kathy can see auras - apparently mine has been grey for a long time..... Oh dear!!!

Going back to the UK end of Jan for David's funeral - God bless the man.....

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