Friday, 16 January 2009

Today is young Toms 11th birthday. So hard to believe that he is getting so grown up. Will be seeing him at the end of the month. I still remember the day he was born. Early in the morning and I had to go in late to work. I still remember him so small and vulnerable, his mum looking so proud of her achievement. Shame there was no father there to share the joy, I still wonder who he is in spite of his mother giving one name - who can tell???

How am I today? not too bad, did a little gardening yesterday it was so nice outside. Pruned some fruit trees and helped J with moving the raspberries. We're relocating all the soft fruit and putting it all under a large cage to protect from the birds. Well, that is the plan, whether it comes to fruition or not I don't know. I have loads of plans for the garden. We have a spare bit of land outside our kitchen and I want to get it fenced off and put a low maintenance garden there with herbs for the kitchen and a quiet, private, space for me to enjoy a glass of wine in the summer evenings!!! Had to wait for the new fosse septique (septic tank) to go in before doing anything with that bit of land and it has now been done. I just hope that our finances can cope with my plans. Got a staircase and some seasoned oak beams to sell - that will help - also got someone would like to buy our little bit of land other side of the river. Not worth a lot as it floods but has some nice wood on it. Will have to seriously think about it and try to get a decision from dear J who will not commit to anything these days.......

Can't remember what I wrote last time. Don't want to look back..

My dear friend Siggi has shot off to the Pyrenees for a month. She went on Weds. She has emphysemia and asthma and her GP arranged for her to go for the 'air' to see if will help. Poor Siggi - she is overweight which doesn't help - is still having the occasional fag in spite of being told not to - she goes on ridiculous diets instead of just eating sensibly all the time - has trouble walking due to problems with lead poisoning from chinese medicines years ago.... Siggi is on a hiding to nothing and I love her dearly and try to do my best to help her. I will miss her whilst she is away and really look forward to her return.

Little Georges now has two teeth, he is a lot happier and is laughing most of the time. Poor little chap has had so many problems getting the pearlies through. He cannot crawl yet but manages to get a move on with a marvellous pulling action. He chases the cats and always heads for the electrical cables and sockets!!!! He knows the word 'no' and shakes his head in agreement - smiling all the time - he is absolutely adorable. Will start posting some pictures soon. Just for you Doris!!

I was wondering, I know one can't post retrospectively but can one post a history? I have typed up my first holiday abroad but wasn't running a blog at the time. Shall I post it here or shall I open another blog and post it there. I kept a daily diary whilst away and think it would be nice to share. I know it is possible to copy and paste info. Shall I post as a history rather than a diary entry??? I think I will............. now...... under another name as it is 14 pages long!!

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