Tuesday, 13 January 2009

13th Jan - Unlucky for some???

Another day, another entry.... Today I went to an ITADS meeting in Parthenay, Oh what a bore. Christine is no longer doing the secretary thing, (I have been taking minutes for the last couple of meetings) and Diana has been asked to take over.. I did the minutes today though. What a waste of a morning...I could be doing so much more. At least my minutes report only made 1 A4 page - no longer hoorah!!!

Had clients overnight. Good for Jan I suppose. Just a couple of guys for a meeting at a local company that is now in the hands of an Indian car company. So strange to think that it is happening in France and not in the UK.. A marriage between France and India what a thing!! Our neighbour works at the car factory as an electrician. He has been on a 3 day week for the last 18 months - at least he still has a job.

The meeting this morning was a bit doom and gloom. Tourists from the UK are few and far between. It is time to open up to the Euro-zone and not rely on sterling. I am thankful that most of my clients are French/european (Belgian etc...) Time to start targeting Ireland methinks.....At least they are in the Euro zone....

We will start converting the Family suite into an apartment soon. I already have bookings for the summer. I think it will work... I was planning on 'slowing' down the bookings for the B&B this year anyway. Jeff and I both have our pensions (state) which is good. My original plan was that when we both get state pensions we only take enough to pay the tax bills, any extra is to our benefit (oh please!) - holidays etc.............. which I would really like, after all I have spent many years working and would like to live a bit. Not too much problem with that!!!!

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