Thursday, 23 June 2011

Now this is really strange.

No soon do I post that it would be nice to be in a town and have neighbours to natter to than a lady I know who works out here in one of our Pays has posted that a new network is underway – a nattering network. This is where people volunteer to visit lonely people for a ‘natter’. No work, cooking, cleaning etc., is involved. Just to sit and have a chat and a cuppa with a lonely person.


I recently saw on TV under the series ‘Secret Millionaire’ a lady, Susan Stone, who is a life coach, she was very enthusiastic, so much so that I thought it would be good to get to know more about her.

Good old Google.

I found her and read about her.

Amazing how she changed her life around so I bought her book and started to read.

It is how to change your life for the better, and I had read the part of positive thinking and hey presto, there I am thinking I could do with someone to come and look at the house and some company apart from himself.

We then got a call from a Dear Friend that we haven’t seen for many months. She needed a place to stay for a few days.

Oh, someone to have a good natter with.

I could not believe it.


We caught up with all our news… you know, husbands, recipes, husbands, pets, husbands, politics, husbands catching up on gossip, husbands, other peoples husbands, our husbands etc… Good fun, lots of laughs – some tears, but soft shoulders to cry on.

We also had a viewing for the house, at least one agent is working for us.


I will go back to Sue Stones book and re-read and put more positive vibes out there into the ether.

I would like my man to do the same….

Now, talking about my man. Hmmm.

I gave him a bit of a talking to last week, the morning of the day that our D F arrived. I looked at the bank balance and flipped (again). I was angry about our situation. For heavens sake we should be enjoying our retirement and not counting the pennies. Or at least I should.

When my man reached 65 he stated ‘I have worked all my life for this, why should I do any more, it is time for me to rest!’ That was 3 years ago.

Well last week I spelled it out and I just hate to get angry. (OK he is recovering from surgery and just loves to relate to all and sundry a blow by blow account of what went on. But, life still goes on, he is part of it not just sitting on the edge watching it go by whilst everyone says ‘poor thing’.)

He has had more than three years sitting on his laurels being retired whilst I slogged my guts out running the B&B and the house, my God I am retired too and longer than him! It is time he got off his butt and did a bit of maintenance around the house etc. etc. I also said that he should have been harder on our daughter and her partner as they just walked away from a situation which has created a problem for us, and I also reminded him that his mother and father were always too lenient on him and his brother as they would shove money in their hands instead of guiding them in the way of finances which is what he (my man) would do behind my back with at least one of our daughters. He sat with his head in his hands and I just said it is pointless burying the truth and just face up to what is happening.

We either sink or swim and I would like his support in sorting it all out.

We have to confront what is happening, especially with our daughter. I am fed up with being ‘bad cop’ and him being mute.

He will have to back me up and do the ‘bad cop’ role for a change.

I will think positively and smile.

Dear God, I pray that it works. Amen

Well that's got it off my chest!!

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