Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Again, I feel like writing things.

I must be feeling better, I have all sorts of things going through my mind which need to be put down, not in the veterinary sense I might add!

Weather has changed. The heat of the last few weeks has gone - along with the lethargy. Maybe the heat was the cause, I don’t know, but I do feel better.

Himself is on the mend. Yes, he does huff and puff and give a groan when he rises from his favourite place on the settee. He is eating a little more, but also he is drinking more!

Now, my man has a blood sugar problem. Our lovely Dr. D. told him he must take care of his sugar intake. She also told him, a few months ago, that ‘un verre de vin’ each evening should be enough, Hah!

He needed to see the doc this week for a prescription renewal. She asked if he was on a regime for his blood sugar. Now, my man, being who he is avoided the question. Maybe he should have been a politician. He told her that he had been in hospital and had been on a limited diet….. It seems that she did not press the case! Another blood test in August – we will see.

As you can imagine when he told me I just flipped… I am sure you now know what I am like! My response was, ‘so why didn’t you tell her that I am trying to feed you the right stuff and that you undo all I am doing!!!’ No reply. (he is now helping himself to some ice cream)

We have a friend who lives locally. He is in his 50’s, a very nice guy. A little overweight but also has a blood sugar problem – hmm, should I be saying type 2 diabetes? Talking with him recently he admitted that he will not do a sensible diet, he would rather take the tablets prescribed.

He was brought up on an unhealthy diet as his mother would not, or even could not, cook. Pie, chips and baked beans was his basic diet when young and then he went into the army and had their culinary delights. He has eaten at ours, a good, tasty, nutritious menu and he said ‘yes, it was very enjoyable but given a choice I would eat pie, chips and beans. He admitted that he knew what he was doing to his body was wrong but - he knows his preferences…. His wife just raised her eyebrows!

So I wonder if my husband is following that course….. He has had more years of my cooking than his mothers yet he still resists the healthy stuff.. I know he likes the tastes and textures of healthy foods – but he still wants to indulge in the wrong stuff….

My thoughts now are, if you want to shorten your life get on with it…. You are an adult and responsible for your own health, it is not my responsibility.

Am I being an uncaring wife or a sensible woman?


  1. I feel like getting a stamp made for this kind of post that simply says "Men!!!" As before you have my entire sympathy, trisha, and no, you're not being uncaring, just realictic.

  2. Sensible woman, definitely. All you can do is make the right stuff available, it's up to him if he doesn't eat it. (Thanks be for Him Outdoors who has obeyed instructions. Mind you I nagged for years for him to give up smoking and it wasn't until he decided that he actually did.)

  3. Thanks girls.xx

    Rosie, he was told by at least three health professionals to stop smoking. He has been diagnosed with COPD, the symptoms were there for a long time but ignored it. He is now on all sorts of medication but not on oxygen thankfully. I do hope that your man does not have the same problem.

  4. Why or why do they think if they can keep the old diet if they take the pills? "Men"!is right. When you get down to it it's all about being a drug addict -- nicotine and sugar ...