Thursday, 5 November 2009


Today is the birthday of my 2nd Grandson Alex. He arrived to the sounds of fireworks - for those that do not know, the 5th of November celebrates the demise of Guido Fawkes who wanted to bring down the House of Parliament and those in it during the Gunpowder Plot 1605..... I would suggest that you Google this fact.

So today we took our dear friend from Costa Rica to Poitiers airport so that she could have a short sejour with her mama. She will be back with us in a week. Oh, it is such a change to have good, intelligent and amusing conversation with someone that we love so much. Verbal is much better than email!!

The weather is not too bad for the beginning of November. Sunshine, wind and rain. Typical November weather. We have had a new grate put into our woodburner and it is so very, very good to have heating 'gratuit'. The house is now feeling warm!! We have loads of trees that are regularly 'pruned' back to provide firewood. I hate to have to pay for central heating when it could be for free.

Our daughter moves into her new home in the UK next week. She will find it difficult, me thinks, moving into something smaller than here. Have spoken to Charlotte this week and she loves her new school, so far. She has a new friend Georgia who she is getting on with quite well. Apparently, when she got home from school today she was singing. Now that is a good sign....

I have started on varnishing the new windowsills today. I am so pleased with the work that has been done. I have found a varnish that does not need white spirit to clean up. I am hopeless with these chemicals and prefer easy clean up - water suits me fine. Some of the chemicals upset my sinuses so much so I have to be careful.

I know it sounds bizarre but having these little jobs sorted so I can 'finish' the rooms have made me, I suppose, excited... OK - whatever turns you on!!

I have included a picture of one of the finished windows (well - nearly finished! need to work on the stone and brick surround next....).

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