Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Weds 12th August 2009

I have now been blogging for quite a few months...
Sometimes I have been sad, sometimes mad, sometimes happy and sometimes well - you know indifferent.

Today I am OK... I woke early feeling well having had a good nights sleep. The first in such a long time. I feel calm, I feel myself... Good eh?

The weather is incredible at present.... Hot, hot, hot. Early morning the meadow is under a cloak of white mist.... beautiful and watching it slowly dissipating is amazing as it reveals all the trees and other treasures out there. Including stick insects....more of them later

During the day I stay indoors unless it is imperative I go outside - it is so very hot and dry. No cloying humidity at all. My plants are suffering - I just hope that they survive this spell.

I can do my washing - hang it out and half an hour later it is too dry to iron.....

Have clients, very nice people again. I find I am getting more people staying for more than 2 days at a time. It makes life so much easier for me. With my dear daughter away I need the breaks between room changes. Maybe that is why I feel better in myself - my home is my own now.

It seems awful to say, but I do love my children, but it does not mean that we have to live together. I miss her but again I don't. Seems a strange thing to say I know but I am sure that you know what I mean.

Have decided not to open the B&B for next year. Not sure of what will be happening here at all. Will let the apartment of course, so much easier for me. Glad though that I did not open a Gite. Went to a friends the other night for an evening 'do' very nice it was too but their Gite guests were there - Adult Brits in holiday mood.... Oh my, what a lot of alcohol passed their lips and landed on the girls hips... I am sure there was some 'illness', to put it politely, overnight and next morning...

I don't think that I could put up with that here.

We have a wwoofer here, a young german girl. She is very nice, an only child who needs to learn a lot.... I think I mentioned her last posting.... hence the comment above para 3.... she is so tall and slim. Or am I being unkind. She admits that she has trouble with her height and that one of her teachers at school was under 5 ft tall and many comments were passed in her school as well as class. She is not worried about her height but is concerned that if she marries someone taller than herself how tall will her offspring be. At least she is thinking carefully to the future. I have warmed to her.

The garden is almost weed free now.. Potatoes are lifted for storage, tomatoes are coming along nicely. Beans (french) are harvested, Beans (runner) are not so special. Sweetcorn a dismal failure but the chickens are enjoying what has been produced. Cabbages OK, carrots poor. Beetroot fantastic. Soft fruit being moved this year has been absolute rubbish.

Quite a mixed lot this year. My Bramley apple is brilliant with some superb clean fruit and my quince are coming along well. Pears aren't so good though. Think that the trees are a bit too old. Haven't looked at the orchard but Michel and his mates came and collected the fallen plums - we know what for... and will get our share later on.

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