Sunday, 23 August 2009

Almost Autumn

Almost the end of August... and it is still very, very dry. The grass sounds very crispy underfoot.. My trees and shrubs are looking very poorly. We are not getting any rain at all. There is mist from the river in the morning which leaves a heavy dew-like moisture on the tables and chairs in the garden... but no moisture for my precious plants... Even our neighbour has said that his fruit trees are suffering from lack of moisture.. The French news papers and channels say about the 'canicule' in the south of France but it is the same here.

I am really not very happy at the moment. 'His' ride on mower has just had 700 euros worth of work done on it.. The man that did the work said it was a shame that it had not been regularly serviced.... Same with our motor car...neither of them are regularly serviced.... hence the very large bills that I have not budgeted for... Now you know why I am not too happy... What did my man say to me??? As long as it -seems OK I don't worry..... That has been his attitude since I have known him and throughout our relationship.. (40+years) If it ain't broke then don't fix it!! Trouble is, I think our relationship is broke and he thinks it seems OK, well I assume that is what he is thinking as he does not communicate with me.. I have do my doubts now. Today I mentioned us taking days out and he gave me black looks as if to say "why disturb my peace and quiet here?"

Can't see us taking a nice trip together anywhere in the near future.

Do I really wan't to keep on writing this??

Seems as though there is only one step to take next..


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