Tuesday, 1 September 2009

another month

it is now the 1st Sept 2009......

Another month, wow.

What has happened since my last entry, I do not remember. We have had a german wwoofer stay with us. She was a 19 yr old student, due to find a university in Germany to study psychology. She found one eventually. Her mother used to call every evening - her daughter was her only child. A lovely girl who did not know a lot of the practicalities of life. I do hope that I taught her something.

At present we have a couple of English girls (both 26 yrs). They are absolutely delightful, have a fantastic sense of humour and work very well. One of them is studying neuroscience.... wow - she looks into the brains of fruit flies!! The other one is studying for social work - and has done archaelogical digs in the SE of UK.. Both are wonderful girls - I like them very much and would like to be a mother to them!!

We have had some rain today, not a lot, just some.... it looks as though the drought is about to break. Everything is so dry... it is unbearable. I do, though, have lots of tomatoes to bottle. In 2006 I bottled 40 litres of tomatoes. 2007 and 2008 we were severely affected by blight so this year it is a bonus for us. My shelves will be groaning with produce!! (I hope) but I do not really want to spend my summer weeks doing this!! Have also harvested the Bramley apples. Made some chutney and also bottled some for apple sauce. Got some more for chutney. Also made beetroot chutney and courgette chutney... am really into the preserving lark! Mind you, I did it in the UK for many years... The aubergines are absolutely lovely this year, even the 'ancient chinese varieties' that we grew from seed. Looks like lots of ratatouille to be bottled or frozen as well - yummy....

K came back from UK with children last week....

It looks as though they will be relocating to the UK for the time being. They need to get the money together to finish their house.... Lord knows how long that will take... K said that they plan to go back for December.. Will miss them of course.. I do love Georges so much. He is as much mine as I have know him since birth.. I will get used to the change of course.

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