Friday, 22 March 2013

What do you do if you have forgotten how to pray?

I used to pray but haven’t done so in such a long time.

I feel that I need to send messages to that ‘being’,  who is known as God.

I need answers.

As a baptised Catholic I am finding this very difficult.

There are Methodist and Anglican vicars in my locality but I don’t know of any English speaking ‘Roman’ priests that could help me.

I feel at a spiritual loss.

It is no good talking to ‘himself’ as he is a self-proclaimed agnostic… he has an ‘aggressive’ aversion to religion of any shape or form.  

I have no idea what he is afraid of, but there is something in his background that has formed this opinion.

There is no empathy from him.

When he knew my sister had died his response, basically, was ‘Sorry, but when you get to our age people you know die.’ 
I can’t remember his exact words but that was the impression I got.

It seems as though the part of his brain that has feelings, empathy etc. is switched off.

The part of his brain that is concerned with himself though is fully up and running!

We had friends round for lunch yesterday. 

They left at around 4pm. 

He continued drinking, had a light snack later.

At half past midnight this morning I heard him in the loo voiding himself of all and everything.

When I mentioned it this morning he had no recollection….

I so need solace.

Tears come very easy these days.

The Old Biddie is not very happy…


  1. You've been having a rough time...but have still been able to support others, as I know.

    I couldn't presume to offer advice....all I wonder is - if you were to walk up to that wonderful church in your village whether it might give you the space to walk back in time to when prayer was part of your life.
    Sources dry ...but don't die.

  2. I'm so sorry you're suffering like this, Trisha. Fly gives excellent advice. A place that has been prayed in over the centuries can be conducive to finding your way back to prayer. Old familiar prayers that you can pray from memory can also help the words to start flowing.

    Also don't discount the help that you might find from talking to a sympathetic person, even if he or she is from a different church. We may not be united, but as Christians we still have a great deal in common. I'm an Anglican and will hold you in my prayers.

  3. Trish you have had a testing time recently and by the sounds of it not too much support, luckily you still have your faith which I am pretty sure will see you through this dark time... there is a social networking site which covers the whole of France, it is here there you can find advice on almost anything, give it a try. Peace be in your heart x