Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I have been reading the English press of late, yes, the gutter press.

I read of Elton John and his partner having a child.

I read of Nicole Kidman and her husband and ‘gestational carrier’

What is wrong with the world and its babies??

Elton John and David Furnish both ‘contributed’ to their son…. Oh my Goodness, it makes me feel so, well, nauseous…. The pair of them put their ‘contribution’ (one can only guess the procedure!!) into a pot and it was mixed with some-ones ova to create a foetus then put into another female and then allowed to gestate to full term before being ‘born’. And they want to do it again……

I feel for the child and subsequent children. Will he/they ever know his mother or father??

Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban already have a daughter but they have decided this time to use a ‘gestational carrier’ for their second child. What on earth is that????? Do they mean a surrogate mother, do they mean that they combined his sperm with her ova and then implanted into another person??? Confusion reigns…..

I read of Patsy Palmer and her new son….

Patsy Palmer though (Bianca Jackson in Eastenders) has recently had her fourth child. The little boy was born prematurely and is now home with his mum and dad and brothers and sisters. No surrogacy, Patsy bore the child and gave birth naturally and the pictures I have seen make me smile. She looks wonderful, baby is beautiful and there is no hype….

Dear Lord, thank you for some normality.

Now this is dear to me. I am into genealogy in a big way. I have traced my father’s family back to the 16th century, my husbands’ family, paternal and maternal, back to the 18th century but am stuck with my mother’s family. My Mum was taken into care by some Nuns in Ireland when she was around 6 years old. She would love to know the whys and wherefores of this and I am now on the trail. Mum would love to know her history (she is almost 90 yrs old now), and so would I for my children.

This is why I find it so abhorrent that rich celebrities can ‘buy’ infants, through ‘rent-an-ova’, ‘rent-some-sperm’, rent-a-womb or from a third world country.

I have also read of a devoutly Christian couple who run a B&B in Cornwall who only take married couples in double rooms.

A homosexual couple booked to stay at the said B&B, when they arrived the owners refused their booking and turned them away because they were not a married couple.

The ‘visitors’ took the case to court and have now won their case for sexual discrimination.

Now this is a dodgy arena.

I have run a B&B, albeit in France.

Sometime ago I had an enquiry for two couples for two nights. I took the booking, it was for a local wedding. The guests arrived on the day and they were four men!

I was not aware at the time of the booking that it was anything out of the ordinary, they asked for two double rooms, my natural assumption being two heterosexual couples…

Hmmm, I was a little surprised. I could not, though, refuse to accommodate them.

They took their rooms, had their breakfasts, paid their dues and enjoyed their stay.

At no time during their stay was there any problem. They were really nice guys and I would happily accommodate them again.

Now if I had been a ‘devout’ Catholic instead of ‘selective’ Catholic it might have been a different kettle of fish. It would have been a dilemma for me.

I also remember a young woman booking a room and say that her 'companion' would be joining her later. Yes he did. Twice she booked and twice he arrived later. Some time afterwards I found out that her 'companion' had a wife and many children….

You takes your money and makes your choice!!

Oh thank you Pope John XXIII for giving me the options of a diverse religious life.

But, I do have a problem with people who are ‘in your face’ and push their views. I accept all people and their lives but I don’t want, or will not, be browbeaten into accepting the rude and aggressive, be they black or white, straight or gay. They can go jump!!


Got that out of my system….


  1. Given Mr. Fly's views on homosexuality...thank goodness we had gites and not B and B!
    How I agree with you on the perversity of these 'arrangements' for producing a child!

  2. Are we a tad old fashioned I wonder, or just moral souls who care for family values?

  3. Could be both....and as for not permitting couples who wish to and would be ideal to adopt kids because they and the kids are of different races...makes you wonder just who is racist.