Saturday, 30 May 2009

A week later

Have been thinking a lot this week, about all sorts of things, like: Why do people say they want a room then not show? It is such a bloody nuisance, the room is prepped, got the croissants in wait in anticipation - blah! Also been thinking (seriously) of downsizing and moving.

It is hard work running the B&B, there isn't a great return financially and the bills aren't getting any less and we aren't getting any younger. I want less worry and more peace in my life, got to that age. Just got to persuade J. that he has got to that age as well.

Got a couple of Wwoofers in, we had Dany and Kim who went last weekend, they made a great start on clearing the weeds, moving rocks and general tidying. This week we have had Ariella, a young American girl of Italian descent. She has been brilliant continuing the good work that Dany and Kim had started. We have also been joined by Amanda, an English Art teacher who is taking time out to do her own thing. She is fitting in well and has made a good team with Ariella.

The 'season' is starting and we now have clients booked for most weekends. At least I know they are genuine and that they will be coming as I have received either full payment or substantial deposits.

The apartment is now finished although the Wwoofers are in it at the moment. They will have to move out to the caravan soon as we have bookings. It looks good and we are very pleased with the result J-P made a very good job of installing the 'cuisinette'. Kathy tiled the surround and finished off the walls. We found a 'jonc de mer' carpet on special offer (and less expensive than vinyl) and Ken helped with the laying of that. Just got to get Clevacances out to give it a rating..

Weather has been brilliant, Everything is growing well. We have fruit on the trees - last year was dismal - no apples, pears, peaches, plums etc... This year a complete turnaround. The Bramley had loads of blossoms then tiny fruitlets. Thinned them out and now we have some really good looking young fruit... Bramley apples for chutney, sauce and pies later on - yummy. The fruit bushes have settled into their new plot but I don't think the quality of fruit will be so good this year. The veg plot looks superb, peas, broad beans, runner beans, potatoes, cabbages, carrots, etc - can't wait for the first harvesting.

The garden by the house is looking really neat, tidy and colourful. My white wisteria bloomed for the first time this year. The blooms were almost a metre in length. Superb!!!

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  1. Lucky devil, I never had any joy with wisteria of any colour or any species...I wanted it to drape over the bridge...which could do with something to drape its' utilitarian outlook...but it was either chewed by ragondin, chopped by builders or just sulked.