Sunday, 17 May 2009

Politics and things

A week later and here I am again.

What do they say, "a week in politics is a long time" I think that is the saying, I won't bother checking. But I think it has been a very very long week for some politicians in the UK.

I cannot believe some of the things that are coming out in the press. It is so damming for all concerned. I think there will be a lot more resignations, maybe arrests and prosecutions - at least it will cleanse parliament (well - I am sure that is what many think). The populace are not pleased!!

Family are all fine, Georges is finding his feet and trying to walk unaided, he is not doing too bad at all at the moment. We all need to keep an eye out for him now. Charlotte is doing well at school but is having an extra hour lesson in the week along with another 3 children. Just for her (and the others) to catch up on some things. All in all her teacher is pleased with her progress.

Had some sad news this last week, Jeff's cousin Meryl lost her long battle with cancer. She had Peritoneal Cancer which I understand is quite unusual. She was ill for nearly 3 years and was only given 6 months from the original diagnosis. She had a heart attack just over a week ago. Her husband Harald couldn't find our number in Meryl's filing system so it took a few days for the news to get to us. She was a beautiful person with a gentle way about her. Well loved by us all.

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