Saturday, 23 May 2009


Strange title I know but I find that at the moment my tolerance is low. That is, tolerance of everything. The weather is up and down, dry and hot, wet and hot, damp and hot and it is only May. I am fed up with the weeds, the flies that are appearing, the chickens getting out and digging in the garden and Peu Peu coming into the house and leaving her messages...

I have had enough of cooking and cleaning and would just like to have some time out for myself - a couple of whole days to creat some artwork and chill out -and let someone else look after the necessary daily things. Fat chance.

I have also had enough of small children - and grown up children!

Been to dentist to see about pain in my face, jaw and ear, First of all it was an infection - antibiotics - then he said I needed a crown - different tooth and upper jaw not lower where the 'infection' was. I still have the pain and did a bit of research online - all my symptoms indicate trigeminal neuralgia. Am going to cancel dentist and see doctor.

Maybe that is why I am so ratty, living between my long lived tinnitus on the left and neuralgia on the right is not much fun!

Dutch woofers left yesterday and an American is arriving today. This one will do a bit of my garden, forget the veg patch and Kathy's plot, mine needs a bit of heavy work as well!!!

Just got our new passports - horrendous cost from British Embassy. God knows how they justify asking so much. Maybe it is to help line the MP's pockets in the UK. At least now I am able to travel abroad again.

I think at the moment I am a grumpy old Biddie. Still, tomorrow is another day.......

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