Monday, 11 May 2009


Oh my it is nearly a fortnight since I posted on this blog..

Not a lot has been happening although enough to keep me from typing up my life experiences.

Have been decorating in the 'soon to be' apartment. Wasn't too sure about the colour scheme but it looks OK. We have used 'enduit' on the walls and 'cire' to colour. The colour I chose is blue - hmm - it looks a bit dark but it works - there are light and dark patches and it seems to work. The kitchenette has been purchased and is waiting to go in. Got to get new flooring then all we have to do is get the kitchenette fitted and flooring down, furniture in and wey hey! it is done... I have created an artwork for the room and am eager to do some more - in reds, oranges and yellows as a contrast to the blues...

Have got bookings for the apartment for June, July and Sept/Oct...

One of the daughters of the previous owners has contacted me about coming to stay and bringing her children as well, to show them the holiday home that they enjoyed for so many years. She is dying to see the changes we have made and it appears one of her sisters would like to come as well. Am waiting to hear from her again.

The UK press and BBC (good old auntie!) has been full of MP's expenses... Oh my, what a farce, you could not make it up! It looks as though a high percentage of UK Members of Parliament have been abusing the system and have profited enormously from these allowances. The reading is truly unbelievable - and they are all blaming it on someone else.... It seems that someone (anonymously) has passed the information to the Daily Telegraph who has revealed the extent of claims day by day. It is thought that the 'supplier of information' is possibly the person who revealed information relating to the 'Hutton' enquiry - maybe a new 'Junius' ....Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to decieve.....

It seems that most of the MP's questioned about their expenses have said "but we are entitled to it" etc.... and as for 'Gorbals Mick' well... I will leave that unsaid!

I do so hope that my beloved Great Britain will recover from the last few years of total inefficient management. It disturbs me to see that it is turning into a 'megalomaniac' run third world country and that the general populace are suffering from the mismanagement that is creating so much poverty and crime. Will they have to beg from the rest of the world. Will Oxfam have to give to the UK??

On a lighter note, I have lost another kilo.... hmm 6 in 12 months - slowly but surely.........

The garden is looking better than last year - we are keeping on top of the weeds!

I am happy!!

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