Monday, 29 March 2010

Exploding Modems

26/3/2010. And so today I am writing my blog in Microsoft word as my modem blew up! (I have a friend who knows exactly how I feel as hers sometimes do the same as well!) We have had some very high winds over the last 4 or 5 days… the weather has been coming up from the Atlantic with rain and storms. It has been appalling, but the cloud structures have been absolutely amazing!

Well, this morning everything was fine until around 12.15 when there was the most almighty clap of thunder and flash of lightning. Our power went out. Jeff went through to check the fuse board and re-set it. It was after the re-setting that we realised that smoke was coming from the modem (which arrived with us just 2 weeks ago after the last one failed!). I phoned our interned provider and let them know that it had been blown up. The guy at the other end of the line had quite a chuckle when I explained what had happened, and so I am now waiting for a new modem.

When I think that 15 years ago I would not have had such problems… This will be posted once the new modem has arrived and been installed!!

Oh the joys of living in the countryside.

But this week has not been good.

Jensen had the opportunity to catch one of our hens. A lovely Copper Maran. A really lovely hen that was just coming into lay after such a cold spell. This particular hen had a habit of getting out of the chicken run. On more than one occasion Jensen had caught her but then we had caught him and put her back safely. This time we didn’t. So we are down to 11 hens instead of 12.

Then yesterday he caught Peu Peu, our dear little bantam. He had caught her before and we had intervened before any damage was done. Not yesterday though.

Both the Maran and Peu Peu died of shock! We, as you can imagine, are not at all happy with Jensen. Jeff went absolutely ‘ape’. Jensen has been chastised but whether it will make any difference or not, I do not know. It seems to be in his nature to chase, catch and play. Yesterday morning Jeff was walking Jensen and they came across a ‘buck’ hare. Fortunately the dog was on a lead, if he had been loose he would have chased the hare for miles (and the hunting season has ended).

On a better note: Last weekend our granddaughter Charlotte was in a Judo competition. Bless her, she won a Bronze medal and certificate of distinction. She has, apparently, learned some moves out here in France that are not know in the UK. If she plays her cards (and moves) right, she may be in the 2016 or 2020 Olympic Games if she continues the way she is.

And tonight the wind continues to howl down the chimney. I find it very disturbing, it unsettles me. A friend (of a scientific background) told me that ballerinas cannot stand on their points when it is windy, the air pressure is upset – even in buildings. I can well understand that!!

I have been trying to get things organised in the garden. I have three large Phormium and they were severely affected by the prolonged cold weather. These wonderful plants were originally one small version! Boy, have they taken out here! The plants are absolutely enormous. I have cut them back and pulled out all the dead leaves. They really need splitting and re-planting. Whether I get round to doing it or not is another matter. I found a website which explains how to use Phormiums, from making mats to using the seeds (dried) for a drink!! But no, I am not a Maori and do not have the necessary equipment to do the aforesaid..

I just need to get the garden looking good, it is the first thing that any visitor sees and makes an initial impression. The house, interior, is fine, I just need to get the outside sorted. I seem to have lost a lovely clematis. This particular one is related to clematis Montana – it has white blooms (in April) and is evergreen. This last winter it lost all its ‘life’. I think it has suffered over the cold spell. Looks like I might have to replace it. I have some lovely little delicate wild white violets showing their faces in the lawn. I do not want to use ‘weed and feed’ as it will kill them. There are also some crocuses poking their heads through. I do so love to see the beginning of a new year growing and showing their faces…

In the lane there are Celandines and Primroses. The Early Purple Orchids are showing their speckled leaves. There are also so many other delicate little wild flowers coming to life. I had a guest a few years ago that was into botany. She came in April and was absolutely amazed to see the variety of wild flowers in our lane. It re-kindled her interest. I do so hope that it lasted.

I love this time of year – BUT I HATE THE WIND!!!


  1. I would cut the clematis right back and it may well reshoot when it's had a think :-)It will be quicker to cover its space than a new one if it does decide to regrow.

    Have been battling with Him Outdoors to keep all the lovely flowers in the grass. He would really like it TIDY.

  2. Thanks for the tip Rosie, I have cut the plant right back and have my fingers crossed that it will regenerate. I have other Clematis which are absolutely fine.

    My 'Him Outdoors' gave up the battle with me years ago. He just grows the veg - I tend to the rest!!