Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Ruby or Emerald

I wept when I saw the news this morning, such devastation and loss of life in Haiti - it is unbelievable that this world could wreak such havoc in such a small country. There have been another couple of earthquakes in America - California and Carolina? Is the earth having a tremendous upsurge? There are also 'earth/weather' problems in the far east as well - not widely reported. The Earth is growing. expanding, changing. We have all this news about climate change and global warming and then the scientists are proclaiming that we are embarking on a mini ice-age.... Just don't put scientists and computer predictions together - they create alarming scenarios for Joe Public to become paranoid about..

We have had reports of pandemics from SARS virus to Swine Flu - all down to the Pharmacutical companies that are producing the 'cures' for these illnesses. Again it is 'scientists' (read pharm companies!) and computer programmes which are as good as the programmer that wrote it!

I know I am sitting cosy in my little part of France, with my local radio, log fire, English TV (boring), but I am still part of this wonderful world and am dismayed at the news that I read. Is it all bad news or is there some wonderful, bring a smile to your face and happiness to your heart news out there?

I read of people in their middle age that have spent £100,000.00 over the last 25 years on IVF treatment to have their own children and who have eventually had egg and sperm donors to create their children...... Why on earth didn't they adopt when they were younger. They are now 46 (her) and 56 years old.... In 10 years time, if they are still with us, they will be old and their children still pre-teen, plus the children were born tiny and probably have 'prem baby' problems.....

I read of a 106 year old woman who has been moved from the care home that she was happily living in to another place.... why? because the home is being closed through budget cuts.

I read of young disenfranchised muslims living on benefits and knocking the UK - the country that they were born in....

Oh am I sounding too depressive? Probably I am. I think I will stop reading the news....

On a lighter note though. This year we celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. In the UK it is Ruby - in France it is Emerald - Ruby or Emerald or Both!!!!!

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  1. how about a ring with rubies and emeralds? 40 years is a bit special!
    enjoying your blog
    take care