Wednesday, 27 January 2010

dogs, cats, cakes and things

Monday: Jensen and Bisto went to the vets early morning. No food the night before, poor chaps they were starving by the morning. Yes, they were off to be castrated... we think it is a sensible decision, they are not stud animals, just pets, and we do not believe in letting animals just produce offspring for the sake of it. So they poor guys were left with our very capable vet and we collected them in the evening. The cat was fine, just a little bit wobbly (almost walking sideways!) and absolutely famished. Jensen was a little weak and in pain. We were given painkillers and antibiotics for him but not to start until Tuesday. We had a 10% discount on the cats operation - probably because it was a 'bulk' order.. I said to the vet it is just as well that their little 'bits' didn't grow back - she laughed and appreciated the joke. He wasn't given a protective collar and we didn't think to ask for one - wish we had. He spent all evening licking at the wound - we nearly went and cut up a bucket to put over his head but didn't. Tuesday morning he went back to the vets to collect a collar and to check the wound. Wound was fine and collar was put on.

So now we have a young pup tearing around the house crashing into all and sundry - Jeff and I have little bruises all the way up our legs from this wretched thing on Jensen. Bisto is fine. They both go back next week to have their 'staples' removed. Hopefully they will forget all the trauma.

Have been on a cake making spree just lately, last week a farmhouse fruit cake and my first attempt at brownies (an unmitigated disaster!). The fruitcake is a recipe I have been doing for many years and it works very well and is very light and tasty - I do like a rich fruit cake but it is difficult to find the right ingredients out here.
Today I have tried an easy french recipe for carrot cake, it is in the oven as I type and it is smelling and looking good. Taking a little longer to cook than the recipe says. I hope it works out OK - if it does then I will try it again and then post the recipe.

Will post some recipes on this blog as some are so easy and tasty. Many I have found out here and I seem to have more time to cook - trouble is I am becoming rounder..... c'est pas grave.


  1. Brownies ...I have a recipe from an american friend. I am a total dope with baking, but I can do this one. I'll e mail it.

  2. Award for you over at don't have to do anything, it's just to say how much I enjoy your blog