Sunday, 22 September 2013

You get to the point when you wonder why the fuck you carry on...

I thought everything was OK but it is not.

Hubby let a 'friend', in the loosest sense of the word, borrow his trailer ramps and also have our old cooker.. we were due 100 euro for the cooker – not paid yet and the ramps have not been returned.

I did not know that the ramps had been 'borrowed'. They cost a lot of money.

This friend was going to sort out our car, and also lots of other mechanical things.


Nothing has been sorted and we are now out of pocket.

I am so pissed off with it all.

Does my other half, husband, or whatever you want to call him, care?

NO – he does not.

That is why I am again so pissed off..

It is our money that is affected – what comes in and what goes out.

He does not seem to give a toss.

Again I get so bloody angry.

I have contacted the 'friend' and asked that he contact us to return the ramps and pay the money that he owes.

He has not been in touch.

We do not even know where he bloody well lives!

I have asked a mutual friend if they know.... fortunately they do.

When I get back from my short break then I / we will make a visit.

How on earth did I get mixed up with someone who does not give a toss?

Grrr, I get so angry and it does not do my health much good which is why I express it here.