Thursday, 10 February 2011

The ex-pat-re-invented Brits are having a field-day in my neck of the woods at the moment.

There is so much going on it is a job to know where to start.

A female friend of mine, not close, has been ripped off by one our mutual ‘friends’.

The event evolved thus:

My friend works as an agent for an Immobilier.

She posted on that 'wonderful social networking' site that she had found a fantastic property with loads of potential for cost of ‘next to nothing’.

Hmmmm… Bad move, silly girl.

Our ‘mutual friend’ made enquiries as she had sold her house and was living in rental accommodation.

The ‘mutual friend’ then went to another Immobilier who knew of the property and made an offer and is now in the process of purchasing the house.

The friend of mine is now well out of pocket on commission on the sale and she is not happy!

There is now very bad feeling between the two.

Not only that, but the husband of the ‘mutual friend’ helped the husband of the friend in his capacity as a builder/renovator (yes, another Brit in France doing properties up etc…) and took advantage of the husbands good nature and borrowed equipment and promptly broke/ruined/stole the aforesaid equipment. The husband of the ‘mutual friend’ is the sort of person who argues with his fists not his tongue so is best avoided!

Now it was not my friend that told me this but her husband, oh does he love a gossip. Gladdens my heart that a man can confide!!

And now, me in my capacity of being an older woman: you know, a bit of a granny, sympathetic, gives a bit of advice, easy listener, don’t gossip with everyone etc. gets to hear of this.

I do sometimes get people confide in me, I don’t ask them to, but they do and I cannot believe, in my Christian mind that people will do what they do. It absolutely amazes me. Where are their morals or are they born without them?

There are obviously things that I would not dream of repeating to a soul but sometimes there are things that need to be said…namely, why do so many English/British people prey on their own kind????

Just an aside, why on earth do some parents put their children on ‘The Worlds Strictest Parents’ programme. From what I have seen it is the parents that need to be educated not their children!!!


  1. And what gets me is that history repeats itself over and over again...and people like the 'mutual friend' and husband always seem to come up smelling of roses instead of being ostracised.
    Must say a lot about the standards of some of the expat community.

  2. Oh, and as an update to your post about long term marriages and ever changing partnerships...have you seen that one of the criteria by which French maires decide whether a proposed marriage is genuine or a sham one to give an immigrant nationality is...wait for it...
    whether the couple already have children together!
    The priests and vicars of our young day would be having sevens sorts of fits!

  3. Because some people are always victims, nothing new here, but people open themselves up to being ripped off.

  4. I don't think people do....they just suppose that those offering 'help' are they would be themselves in similar circumstances.

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