Thursday, 10 November 2011


Not long now, at the end of the month we sign the acte de vente. One problem though is that our dear daughter and her other half will not be able to come and sign for their property, (too expensive to travel, got to bring kids, losing money at work etc.). So now stops need to be pulled out to get a power of attorney for their signature. I am getting really fed up with the child’s attitude to it all, she has been given plenty of notice. I am quite tempted to sign for ours and let her sort her ‘bit’ without my help.

I have been bending over backwards to accommodate her and she has yet to say ‘sorry mum for putting you through all of this and thank you for doing it all.’ even himself is in the shadows and doing very little to help matters.

Stress is rearing its ugly head again. I thought that I had it beaten – no!

I think I will take a holiday when this is over and done with.

And, I still have to see another orthopaedic surgeon for my elbow. Saw the original guy and he has referred me to his colleague who is fluent in English and is good at the ‘minor’ stuff. So I get to see him in another couple of weeks, just before the ‘signing’.

Life is not good at the moment.

It will get better though.

Just got to be positive.


  1. You know where to come for the holiday!

    Getting all the buts together is a real pain isn't it...and a bit of co operation would have been helpful...especially when you have to put strain on your elbow with the physical work of packing.
    You will survive!

  2. Not long to go now, Trisha and you WILL get there, even with all the obstacles. It sounds like your daughter need a good shake and a reminder that she's a big girl now and a swift kick wouldn't do Himself any harm either. Hope the elbow can get sorted soon.

  3. Commiserations! Moving is one of the great stresses in our lives and I avoid it like the plague. But in the end it should all be worth the agro -- just take one day at a time,-- one moment at a time, if necessary, breathe deeply and you will get there in the end. And take care of that elbow.